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Safety Carton Sizer - R795

Safety Carton Sizer - R795

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As we all become more ecologically conscious this handy tool becomes more popular. It allows you to use oversized cartons without the need to stuff them with wasteful filler material when the contents don’t reach the top of the carton.

The shaft of the tool is dropped down inside the carton and held to the depth of the merchandise by its adjustable guide hanger. The bottom of the 12” shaft has a rotating toothed scoring wheel that presses against the inner surface of the carton and is constantly covered by a spring loaded safety guard.

Holding the handle and then quickly moving the tool around the 4 inside surfaces creates a perforation in the corrugation. Then, by slitting the four corners with a utility knife you have created four new elongated flaps that bend neatly and easily onto the top of the contents thereby eliminating the need for peanuts, bubble wrap or other wasteful and expensive filling material.

Saves money in shipping departments by reducing the variety of different size cartons required.

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