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Flash Box Opener - K420

Flash Box Opener - K420

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A potential alternative to the discontinued OLO Safety Carton Cutter J201B

For over 70 years the Flash Box Opener has been the tool of choice in high volume receiving departments such as the food and liquor industries where removing inventory quickly or exposing the contents of the carton is the highest priority.

The ergonomically shaped handle allow the users to hold the tool in a comfortable, natural position as if they were shaking hands with it. This reduces fatigue while still giving good leverage to operate the tool effectively. 

The blade holder assembly is designed to allow adjustments for both cutting height and depth. This prevents damage to the contents of the carton being opened while still compensating for various thicknesses of corrugated material. 

The  centrally located blade is covered by a permanent safety guard and the angle of the blade allows the tool to be used in only one direction, cutting away from your body.  

Cutting only three sides of the top allows the user to leave a hinged fourth side to re-close partially emptied cartons. 

A potential alternative to OLO Safety Cutter J201B

The Flash Box Opener blades are available in either a 5 pack (B205HD) or the economical 100 pack (B20CHD). 

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