Ceiling Tile Shadowline / Reveal Edge Cutter

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The EZ-CUTTER ceiling tile cutter by Modern Specialties
Great for cutting suspended ceilings!  1-800-648-5801
Our EZ Cutter ceiling reveal edge cutter is now available and becoming more popular than ever.  It is a big time saver and great for custom shaped sections of drop down ceilings.  Cut around the edge of a ceiling tile for a perfect fit in a suspended ceiling frame.

  • Lightweight,  Fits comfortably in hand,  Fully adjustable blade,  Also called:  Shadowline / Reveal Edge Cutter

       Ceiling reveal edge tile cutter  Reveal Edge cutting demonstration
Uses the U-101 blade   U101 blade

Suspended ceilings are a popular choice for remodeling and are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

 Use this cutter to give your ceiling tiles a nicer look for a professional installation. 

With six blades.  Notice the position of the installed blade and install the replacements the same way by loosing the nut and bolt and screwing it back together.

Product No.


Per Box

Per Case

25  EZ Cutter Ceiling Tile Cutter sold with 6 blades



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U-101 Blades - Sold in packs of five



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