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The U109 Ultimate Shingle Blade 

About our products:

The Modern Roofer knife TM and U102 TM BowTie blades are manufactured to special specifications so that they are heavy duty, high quality, hand tools, for use by professional roofers and other contractors. 

The KuttO TM safety carton cutters were patented from 1937 through 1956 and are designed to be used by commercial grocery, retail and logistics firms.

We offer various styles of replacement blades that fit our knives, as well as some other standard types of cutting products.  Bowtie, hook, rectangular, and trapezoidal shapes, all work with our tools.  The U102 roofing blade, K17, and K9 safety box cutting blades were developed and invented by Modern Specialties.  The first safety box cutter evolved and became our KuttO product line.  Most of our blades are sold in packs of five blades.

 U102 BLADE         U107 BLADE        U101 BLADE         U100 BLADE

Modern Specialties blades are made of steel having a higher carbon content than others which makes them longer lasting, sharper, high quality products that feature a unique cut.

Our knives are made from long lasting zinc-plated steel, which is more resistant to rust than other commonly used finishes, and feature Modern's high quality, long lasting blades, all included in the price.  We manufacture the KuttO TM safety carton openers and some other carton cutter knives in the USA.  Some of them have continuously adjustable blades and guards.  Holsters are available for them too.

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