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         KuttO Master    Safey Cutter System    Made in the USA

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- Easy open hardware -
- All replaceable parts -

- Continuous adjustment of blade -
- Safety Guard can not be removed -

KuttO Junior Hardware

Comes with 1 blade installed and a replacement 5 blade pack

Heavy Duty Quality and Efficiency

Uses K9 Blades  K9 Blade

Replacement K9 Blades

KuttO Junior Box Cutter

Size  3 1/4” x 3” x 1 1/4”  Gross Weight   3 1/2 oz Including Box

Top Cut

Top cutting carton

* Long time proven record of safety and efficiency
* Light, Heavy Duty, Rust Resistant, Zinc Plated Steel Handle
* Sold with six double use blades included, and made in the USA
* Easy Blade Change
* Replacement Parts Available and Lifetime Guarantee

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